Mustard 21 Canada Inc. mustard crop in bloom
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Welcome to the Mustard 21 Canada Inc. Website

Mustard 21 Canada Inc. (M21) is a non-profit corporation initiated by the Saskatchewan Mustard Development Commission (SMDC) and the Canadian Mustard Association (CMA). M21 has been the recipient of generous funding from AAFC, Agriculture Policy Framework, to develop a strategic plan for the Canadian Mustard Industry.

The strategic plan developed in 2008, identified some very promising opportunities for the growth of a value-added mustard industry in Canada. Key areas identified include the use of mustard meal as a biopesticide, the use of mustard oil as a feedstock for industrial products such as biolubricants and exploring the antimicrobial properties of some mustard seed components. These are in addition to the condiment markets into which Canadian mustard is currently being marketed.

To support the condiment mustard traditional business and develop these new opportunities, the industry requires higher yielding mustard varieties and more efficient weed control.  M21 in conjunction with industry partners is pursuing these objectives. 

M21 gratefully acknowledges the financial support of Agriculture and Agri-food Canada (AAFC), the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture and the industrial partners to help implement its long-term strategic plan.

site updated: 6-jul-19